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Ratings & Reviews

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All Nippon Airways ANA Mileage Club

(42 ratings)


This program was reviewed and rated by our editors in July 2013. Changes in the program past this date are possible, especially program partner information. We recommend you subscribe to the #1 source of frequent flyer information, Inside Flyer Magazine, to get the most current information possible.

Nippon-koku Airways

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is the eighth largest airline in the world by revenue and the largest in Japan by passenger numbers. Founded in 1952, the airline currently serves 31 international destinations and 50 domestic cities with a network of 175 routes. ANA Mileage Club was launched on April 1, 1997, and currently has more than 24 million members.

ANA joined the Star Alliance in 1999. Mileage Club has made several updates in 2013, including introducing a Million Miler program and changing the accrual rate for international flights, and more changes have been announced for 2014.



Domestic flights earn miles based on distance flown and an accrual rate for each type of fare. Premium fares earn 150 or 125 percent of miles flown; one-way fares, the domestic portion of an international flight and others earn 100 percent of miles flown and other fares earn 75 percent. Still others, like tour discount fares, earn 50 percent of miles flown. International flight accrual rates vary between 150 percent (first class and J fare business class) to 125 percent (C, D, Z business class fares), to 100 percent (Y, E, B, M economy fares), to 70 percent (Biz-wari Special business fares and U, H, Q economy fares), to 50 percent (V, W, S, T economy fares) to 30 percent (Eco-wari 50/youth/special economy fares).

ANA features domestic and international mileage charts on their website. Additional miles are offered to ANA credit cardholders when flying on ANA flights with fares eligible for mileage accrual.

ANA Mileage Club members can also earn miles through partner airlines, hotels and through co-branded credit card spend.



The award chart for ANA Mileage Club is rather complicated. The miles needed for ANA international flights vary by the total distance flown, cabin class and by low, regular and high season. Japan domestic flight award redemption amounts are determined by flight distance, number of segments and season. To calculate an award, log in to your Mileage Club account and enter your point of origination and destination(s) into ANA’s online mileage award calculator, which will then determine whether the flight will occur in low, regular or high season and how many miles will be needed to claim the award. A low season roundtrip economy class flight between Tokyo and Osaka, for example, is 7,500 miles and a roundtrip economy class flight between Tokyo and Seoul is 12,000 miles. A roundtrip economy class flight between Tokyo and San Francisco is 40,000 miles in low season, 50,000 in regular season and 60,000 in high season; business class is 60,000, 70,000 and 90,000 miles in low, regular and high season respectively and first class is 90,000 miles (first class mileage requirements do not change by season).

One-way award flights are not available on ANA international flights. Stopovers are allowed, up to three on international awards. When departing from overseas, only one stopover is permitted in Japan, when departing from Japan, stopovers in Japan are not allowed.

Open jaws are allowed as long as the first flight departure city and the last flight arrival city are within the same country.

Award flights on partner airlines are also available as are upgrade awards on ANA and Star Alliance airlines. ANA upgrades from economy to business class start at 12,000 miles per segment for flights up to 2,000 miles and Star Alliance upgrade awards also start at 12,000 miles per segment for flights up to 2,000 miles.

Miles may be redeemed for ANA Value Vouchers, which can then be used for payment for ANA flight tickets purchased in Japan or when shopping at ANA FESTA airport shops in Japan. You can redeem 10,000 miles for a 10,000-yen value voucher or 12,000 miles for a 15,000-yen value voucher. A similar option is the ANA Sky Coin, available in Japan, which can be used to purchase air tickets; 12,000 miles for a 15,000-yen ANA Sky Coin or 3,000 miles for 3,000-yen ANA Sky Coin. Miles can also be spent for an ANA Mile Vacation, available in Japan, 12,000 miles for 15,000 yen cost; Selection Awards, items shipped to Japan, start at 10,000 miles; convert 10,000 miles to 10,000 ANA Shopping points used at astyle, available in Japan; redeem 3,000 miles for 3,000 yen worth of ANA Shopping and exchange 10,000 miles for 10,000 yen worth of Edy credit, available in Japan, for convenience stores, coffee shops and more or for other merchant options.

Miles can also be redeemed for merchandise and gift cards at the online Mile to Shop, exclusively for North America members. You may have fresh cherries delivered in Japan for 8,000 miles (7,000 miles as a reduced redemption offer the day we visited the site) and for 12,000 miles, members in the U.S. can choose $100 gift cards for Macy’s, Crate & Barrel, Spa Week and others.

ANA Mileage Club does not offer a miles plus money award option but Coupon Awards are available with limited-time offers like Marriott International coupons available for 20,000 miles that offer Marriott accommodation and breakfast.



ANA is a member of the Star Alliance and Mileage Club members can fly to 1,329 airports in 194 countries with member carriers. Mileage Club also partners with Air Macau, Etihad Airways, EVA Air, Hawaiian Airlines, Jet Airways, Qatar Airways and Virgin Atlantic Airways. When redeeming for a flight award on non-Star Alliance partner airlines, only one airline partner, along with ANA, may be included on the itinerary.

ANA partners with 24 domestic and international hotel brands, including IHG, Hilton, Hyatt and Starwood. Members generally earn 500 miles per stay. Car rental partners are Avis, Hertz, Alamo and Dollar earning 50 miles per rental day.

ANA offers co-branded credit cards with the offers varying by region. The ANA CARD U.S.A. offers a 5,000-mile signup bonus and a 10 percent discount on ANA in-flight purchases, duty free and airport shops in Japan among other benefits. Mileage Club participates in the American Express Membership Rewards program and one point can be converted into one mile in blocks of 1,000 points.

Members can earn 10 miles per $1 spent on FTD.com.



Mileage Club features a three-tiered elite status program: Bronze, Platinum and Diamond. Bronze members are welcomed after earning 30,000 Premium points, including at least 15,000 points earned on ANA Group flights within a calendar year; or, cardmembers of ANA Wide Gold Card, ANA Diners Card or ANA American Express Gold cardmembers with 30,000 or more Premium points. Bronze members get a 50 percent mileage bonus on ANA Group and United Airlines flights, Star Alliance Silver membership, an exclusive Bronze service phone line, priority reservation waitlist and airport standby list, priority seat assignments, additional baggage allowance and a Bronze member can access domestic airport lounges for 1,000 miles or two ANA Upgrade points and a travel companion can access the lounge with two ANA Upgrade points. Upgrade points requirements are set to change April 2014 and will vary by geographical areas from two to six upgrade points.

Platinum members are welcomed with 50,000 Premium points in a calendar year of which at least 25,000 points are earned on ANA Group flights. Platinum members earn a 100 percent mileage bonus on ANA Group and United Airlines flights, Star Alliance Gold membership, all of the benefits of Bronze membership, plus, a Platinum service desk, Premium Economy seats, complimentary ANA domestic airport lounge access among other benefits.

Diamond members are welcomed with 100,000 Premium points, including at least 50,000 points earned on ANA Group flights. Diamond members earn a 125 percent mileage bonus along with all of the benefits of Platinum status, plus, no mileage expiration while you maintain Diamond membership and other benefits like ANA My Car Valet discount parking service at Narita Airport and more.

Premium points are earned through travel on ANA Group flights and Star Alliance member airlines flights. Accumulated miles, class ratios, boarding ratios and route ratios are converted into Premium points. Diamond and Platinum members receive exclusive awards when meeting Premium point thresholds. And if you have status for two years or more and a co-branded credit card, you can earn more flight bonus miles. The program does not feature lifetime elite status.



Mileage Club miles expire at the end of the 36th month after the date they were earned. For example, miles earned June 15, 2013 will expire at the end of June 2016. Missing flight credit must be claimed within six months of the flight.

Awards may be used by the member and up to 10 family members within two generations with advance registration. Changing or deleting registered award user information will require a deduction of 5,000 miles per person as a change fee. Miles cannot be pooled, (unless members reside outside of Japan and are enrolled in the Family Account program), combined or transferred. Awards may be subject to capacity controls and blackout dates.

Miles required for flight awards are calculated according to the entire itinerary (total of basic miles for each segment) and miles for highest season will be applied for all international segments.



Members can call service centers based in worldwide locations or may email through the ANA website. Members have commented that customer service is outstanding and when we called, we spoke with a courteous English-speaking representative who was quick to answer our questions.



Online registration is available and members can view their account balance, make changes to their online profile and redeem for flight awards, upgrade awards and non-flight awards online. Missing mileage requests for ANA flights can be made online. Online award flight reservations on ANA are available from between 355 days to four days prior to your boarding date.

As a Star Alliance member airline, ANA Mileage Club members have access to an extensive network of international award destinations. The program also has numerous non-airline partnerships and members have many opportunities to earn and burn miles. Elite-status members have access to airport lounges and members report being happy with the recognition they receive as an elite member.

ANA Mileage Club, like many international airlines, includes a fuel surcharge on award tickets. Mileage accrual is complicated and some coach fares earn as low as only 30 percent of the miles flown.

ANA Mileage Club Service Center
2050 West 190th Street, Suite 100
Torrance, CA 90504
(800) 235-9262


  Earning Ability Award Choices Partnerships Elite-Level Rules & Conditions Service Support Online Services Overall Rating
6.50 7.50 7.00 7.50 7.00 7.50 7.00 7.14
5.02 5.21 6.07 5.11 4.45 5.76 5.45 5.29

(42 ratings)


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