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Cast your vote in our AirPoll and share your opinions on the issues that affect frequent travelers. Not only will you see how your answers compare to those of other frequent travelers, but your voice will be heard by the decision makers in the industry, as we often find ourselves discussing the results with executives from the various programs.

A new set of AirPoll questions are posted each month.
View results from past polls >>>

"Round-the-World Flights in 2015"
(Jan 20, 15)

1. Have you ever taken a round-the-world airline trip?

2. If you have taken a round-the-world flight, which airline alliance did you use?
Star Alliance
No alliance; or I have not taken a round-the-world flight

3. If you've taken a round-the-world flight, did you redeem miles for it?
I have not taken a round-the-world flight

4. If you have not taken a round-the-world flight, are you planning on taking one?
Yes, I have definite plans
Yes, in my dreams


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