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Program Questions

How and where can I spend my miles on merchandise, rather than tickets, hotel stays and cars rentals?
Call the program, or check their website, to find out what partners offer merchandise for miles.

Is there a community forum where I can discuss my program(s) with other members?
As a matter of fact, FlyerTalk.com is the world's most popular online community for frequent flyers. With millions of messages posted by fellow travelers, and new members joining daily (for free), FlyerTalk is the place frequent flyers frequent.

What airline/hotel partners with whom?
To learn what partners a particular program has, you can find out on their website, by calling the program directly, or by looking them up in our Ratings & Reviews area, where we list partner information for each program we review.

What programs are out there and how do I find out about them?
For a list of programs, their websites and how we've rated them, check our Ratings & Reviews area.

What would be a good credit card for me? Do I have to pay an annual fee?
Most mileage cards will require an annual fee, though some may wave it for the first year. What card to choose depends on what programs you use, and where and how you travel most of the time. Check the websites of the programs you use the most for more information on cards that partner with them. Read a more detailed explanation of affinity credit cards in our Travel Information section...

Where can I buy/trade/sell miles?
Look at the airlines' web sites for mileage purchases, since each carrier has their own policy on this. Some will allow you to purchase directly from the site. You may also want to take a look at http://www.points.com and http://www.miles4sale.com.

Where can I find a list of bonus promotions for the programs I belong to?
Most programs offer email newsletters on their websites that keep their members informed about the latest promotions. For a consolidated list of bonuses from the major hotel and airline programs, though, take a look in our Bonus Promotions area.

Where can I find detailed information about the membership numbers of a certain program?
You can find this and other interesting frequent flyer statistics in our Facts & Stats area.


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