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Ratings & Reviews

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US Airways Dividend Miles

(795 ratings)


This program was reviewed and rated by our editors in January 2012. Changes in the program past this date are possible, especially program partner information. We recommend you subscribe to the #1 source of frequent flyer information, Inside Flyer Magazine, to get the most current information possible.

Rising out of Phoenix

US Airways Dividend Miles started out as USAir Frequent Traveler in 1984. In 1997, the name US Airways was put into use and Frequent Traveler became Dividend Miles. In 2004, the airline joined the largest global airline alliance, the Star Alliance.

In recent years, US Airways Dividend Miles has received favorable attention for its recurring Grand Slam Promotion where members can earn miles when completing activity with a variety of program partners and for a recurring 100 percent bonus when purchasing miles.



Like other legacy carriers, Dividend Miles offers members one mile per mile flown, and elite members and all members flying US Airways Shuttle earn a minimum 500 miles per segment. First class and Envoy Class (the equivalent of business, and only available on transatlantic flights) earn a 50-percent mileage bonus. Business class earns a 25-percent mileage bonus.

Members can also earn miles with hotel stays, car rentals, retail purchases, dining out, sending flowers, through credit card spending and more.



Dividend Miles offers flight awards, called GoAwards, in four categories: Off-peak, Low, Medium and High. Dividend Miles members have "last-seat availability" when redeeming for High awards and can combine coach, first and Envoy cabins or Off-peak, Low, Medium or High when booking award flights but cannot book one-way awards. Off-peak awards are offered only for award flights between the Continental U.S. (including Alaska) or Canada and the Caribbean or between North America or Hawaii and Europe or South America. Off-peak awards can save members up to 40 percent off the normal redemption for these destinations. For example, a roundtrip award flight between the U.S. and Europe is normally 60,000 miles or more. The same roundtrip on an off-peak award will set you back only 35,000 miles. This is the best mileage bargain between the U.S. and Europe of any legacy frequent flyer program but you'll have to travel on dates in January and February. American AAdvantage comes close to this offer with their 40,000 U.S. to Europe off-peak award and they compensate for the 5,000 more miles by offering a longer window to travel. Dividend Miles off-peak first or business class domestic awards are 50,000 miles and off-peak awards between North America and Europe or South America are 60,000 miles.

The next level up from off-peak awards is Low awards that mirror Saver awards of other programs and have limited seats available. From Low, there's Medium with better capacity, but not as good as the "last seat availability" option of the High awards. A domestic roundtrip coach award ticket is 25,000 miles (Low), 40,000 miles (Medium) or 60,000 miles (High). A domestic roundtrip award in first class is 50,000 miles (Low), 80,000 miles (Medium) or 100,000 miles (High). In comparison, Star Alliance partner United MileagePlus and oneworld's American AAdvantage offer coach capacity-controlled awards at 25,000 miles and 50,000 miles for anytime awards. Delta was the first to introduce Low, Medium and High to their award structure and their domestic awards mirror US Airways'.

Award flights to Hawaii in coach are 40,000 (Low), 65,000 (Medium) and 90,000 (High) and 70,000 (Low), 135,000 (Medium) or 180,000 (High) in first class. Award flights between North America and Europe in coach are 60,000 (Low), 90,000 (Medium) and 125,000 (High) and 100,000 (Low), 200,000 (Medium) or 350,000 (High) in business class.

Mileage upgrade awards are available on US Airways and Star Alliance airlines. US Airways one-way upgrades within the U.S. and Canada are 15,000 miles; to Europe or South America, 30,000 miles plus a co-pay of $300 and to the Middle East for 40,000 miles and $400. Star Alliance upgrades are available for full-fare customers to upgrade to business or first class on Star Alliance carriers. For example, you can upgrade one way from coach to business class for 15,000 miles and from business to first class for 25,000 miles within Europe.

You can donate in 1,000-mile increments to the American Red Cross, Fisher House Foundation, Mercy Medical Airlift and Make-A-Wish Foundation through the Miles of Hope program. Members can redeem miles for newspapers or magazine subscriptions but not for hotel stays, car rentals, for an online auction, miles plus money option or other types of awards.



US Airways is a member of the Star Alliance and as such offers the world on a platter for members. Mileage earning rates vary by partner and not all economy rates or routes earn miles. Before flying on a partner airline, check usairways.com for the fine print about mileage accrual.

Along with Star Alliance carriers, Dividend Miles partners with Bahamsair, Hawaiian Airlines, Jet Airways, Royal Jordanian, Qatar and Virgin Atlantic. Not all flights are available on these airlines for mileage earning or award redemption. For example, award redemption on Virgin Atlantic is only available in economy.

Hotel partners include most major hotel groups including Best Western, Choice, Carlson, Hilton, Starwood, WORLDHOTELS and Wyndham with earning rates ranging from 100 to 500 miles per stay (with most offering 250 or 500 miles) or one to two miles per dollar spent, depending on hotel group.

US Airways partners with Barclaycard US to offer members the US Airways Premier World MasterCard. New cardmembers receive 30,000 bonus miles with first use and up to 10,000 bonus miles with a balance transfer. The card has an annual fee of $89 and cardholders earn double miles on US Airways purchases and one mile for every $1 spent everywhere else, plus other benefits like a 5,000-mile discount on award tickets so award travel starts at 20,000 miles instead of 25,000 miles. A $49 annual fee card is also available that offers 25,000 bonus miles at signup, the 5,000-mile discount on award travel and one mile per $1 spent on all purchases. There is also a business card.

Car rental partners include Alamo, Avis, Budget, Dollar, Hertz, National, Sixt and Thrifty and offer various mileage earning rates from one to two miles per dollar spent to 50 miles per day or 250 or 500 miles per rental.

Other earning partners include a dining program, the Dividend Miles Storefront (online shopping mall), cruises, select merchants like 1-800-Flowers, Netflix, Biscoff, Vinesse Wine Clubs and more; financial partners and other partners including SuperShuttle, Audience Rewards, Dish Network TV and more. There are very many ways to earn miles. US Airways also partners with Points.com but does not partner with American Express Membership Rewards.



The Preferred elite-level program has four tiers: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Chairman's. Preferred-qualifying miles or segments include flights on US Airways or any partner airline on eligible fares. The qualifying period is a calendar year, and once you are welcomed into elite, you will retain status for the rest of that year and through February of the following year. All elite members earn 500 minimum miles per flight segment and free upgrades.

A free upgrade is available for all elites at booking if they book a full-fare flight (Y or B). If you book anything other than Y or B fares, the complimentary upgrades are prioritized by elite level, and within each Preferred level, by the number of Preferred-qualifying miles you've flown on US Airways and US Airways Express operated flights in the last 12 months. Upgrades are processed at either two (Silver), three (Gold), four (Platinum) or seven (Chairman's) days prior to departure. One flight companion can also be upgraded. Complimentary upgrades are subject to capacity controls and exclude travel to/from Hawaii and Europe, South America and the Middle East except for Chairman's Preferred members who receive extended upgrade options.

Members are welcomed into Silver Preferred when earning 25,000 Preferred-qualifying miles or 30 segments and the status comes with a 25 percent flight bonus (on US Airways, United, Continental and Lufthansa), priority check-in, waitlist and standby; waived $50 standby fee; priority security lanes; preferred boarding and seating; $75 discount on lounge membership; Star Alliance Silver status and dedicated reservation line. Silver members, and all of their traveling companions on the same reservation, can get two free checked bags.

Members are welcomed into Gold Preferred when earning 50,000 Preferred-qualifying miles or 60 segments and it comes with a 50 percent flight bonus as well as all the benefits of Silver, plus additional benefits like an extra free checked bag, priority baggage handling and Star Alliance Gold membership.

Members are welcomed into Platinum Preferred when earning 75,000 Preferred-qualifying miles or 90 segments and the status comes with a 75 percent flight bonus, plus all Gold benefits and a guaranteed coach seat on US Airways flights when purchasing an unrestricted (Y) fare, even if the flight is full. Members are welcomed into the top level, Chairman's Preferred, when earning 100,000 Preferred-qualifying miles or 120 segments and it comes with a 100 percent flight bonus as well as all the benefits of Platinum Preferred. Chairman's Preferred members do not have to pay the $150 mileage redeposit fee when cancelling award tickets and have top priority for upgrades, seat selection and other priority benefits.

When Dividend Miles members fly one million miles with US Airways, you will receive Silver status for as long as you remain an active member--earning or redeeming miles with US Airways or partners within a consecutive three-year period.

Special dividends are also offered to elite status members. These are benefits above those mentioned above, based on mileage thresholds starting at 60,000 miles or 75 segments and include items like lounge passes, nominating a family member or friend to elite status, gift certificates and even US Airways Club memberships if you rack up 125,000 miles or 150 segments.

Unique to Dividend Miles, members can pay a fee and "buy up" to Preferred status. For example, if you are only one to 1,999 miles short of Gold, you can pay $249 and receive Gold status. There is also a paid Trial Preferred program.



Miles expire if your account is inactive for a consecutive 18-month period. Any earning or redemption activity will keep your miles active but if you do let the miles expire, you can reinstate them within 36 months of the last account activity, by paying a fee starting at $50 for 1-4,999 miles. At 15 to 18 months of inactivity, you can pay a $9 "preservation" fee to remain active for another 18 months. Blackout dates apply, even to High awards. Awards are fully transferable to anyone and miles can be transferred, bought or gifted. Dividend Miles charges award processing fees ranging between $25 and $50 depending on destination and there is a quick ticketing fee of $75 for all award reservations purchased within 14 days of travel. If you call to book award reservations you'll be charged $30 per person for domestic/Canada awards or $40 for international travel. The fee to change an award ticket or to cancel an award and redeposit the miles is $150. Open jaw travel is not permitted when an en route stopover is included in the award itinerary.

You can hold award reservations for three days. Missing flight credit must be requested no more than six months after. Dividend Miles members cannot pool their miles.



Members can call or email for customer support. When we called, after making our way through a conversation with a computer, we were quickly connected to a real person who was helpful, but a bit confused by the two questions we posed. Perhaps our questions were not what is normally asked, but the representative did her best to answer them. Don't expect a quick response from emails, the automatic reply mentions a response within three to five days.



Dividend Miles members can search for award flights from the home page and view an online award calendar with available flights on US Airways for a month at a time. Only US Airways flights can be booked online and to search for partner awards, you will need to call the service center and pay the fee to call, in addition to the award processing fee. You must also call the service center to book upgrade awards.

Members can enroll in Dividend Miles, access their account online and buy, share and donate miles. You can request missing miles for US Airways flights online but must send documentation to the service center to receive partner missing miles. The Dividend Miles program does not offer an app.

The upgrade policy for elite members is one of the most generous of any frequent flyer program. Off-peak awards are a big plus, and bucking a trend in domestic programs, Dividend Miles offers free lounge access--although to only very frequent flyers. The ability to put awards on hold for three days is also a plus as is the 5,000-mile award discount for those with a co-branded credit card. The program runs lucrative promotions for members so they can easily rack up the miles and being in Star Alliance gives members a huge list of destinations to visit on awards.

Dividend Miles has non-refundable award booking fees, and when you add that into calling to book an award, you can quickly be out of $90 and that's before paying for the taxes for the award. And if you happen to be booking your award 14 days from travel, you'll be $165 in the hole before taxes.

(800) 428-4322

US Airways
Dividend Miles Service Center
PO Box 20050
Phoenix, AZ 85036

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(795 ratings)


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