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Ratings & Reviews

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AeroMexico Club Premier

(56 ratings)


This program was reviewed and rated by our editors in February 2012. Changes in the program past this date are possible, especially program partner information. We recommend you subscribe to the #1 source of frequent flyer information, Inside Flyer Magazine, to get the most current information possible.

Skyteam Founder

Aeromexico, along with Air France, Delta Air Lines and Korean Air, is a founding member of the SkyTeam global airline alliance. The airline flies to over 40 destinations in Mexico, the U.S., Canada, Central and South America, Europe and Asia.

SkyTeam members enjoy the award options that Aeromexico brings such as flights from Mexico City to Madrid and Tijuana to Narita. Club Premier also partners with many loyalty programs and members can transfer their loyalty program points into Club Premier miles.



New members who sign up for Club Premier earn 4,000 bonus miles for flying on Aeromexico within six months of enrollment. And members traveling either 10 days before or 20 days after their birth date can earn 625 bonus miles when flying on Aeromexico. Members earn Club Premier miles when flying on Aeromexico and all SkyTeam member airlines.

Flights on Aeromexico from Mexico City earn 75 percent, 125 percent, 150 percent or 200 percent of miles flown, depending on fare class. Economy class V, L, W and P fares earn 75 percent and all other fares earn 125 percent of miles flown or more. Club Premier members earn a minimum of 625 miles on short flights of fewer than 625 miles. Members do not earn miles on discounted tickets or promotional fares.

The first time you purchase a ticket online you'll earn a first-time online purchase bonus of 1,875 miles. For all subsequent online ticket purchases, you'll receive 625 miles.

Other ways to earn miles include hotel stays, car rentals, credit card spending and transfers from other loyalty programs.



Club Premier members can redeem miles for award flights to very many destinations worldwide and for upgrades and airport lounge day passes. Members can redeem miles for flight awards on Aeromexico and SkyTeam airlines. An award flight in economy class on Aeromexico within the U.S. and Mexico is 30,000 miles roundtrip and 60,000 miles roundtrip in Clase Premier (business/first class). A flight between the U.S. or Mexico and Europe is 50,000 miles in coach and 80,000 miles in Clase Premier. A flight between the U.S. or Mexico and Tokyo will set you back 60,000 miles in coach and 90,000 miles in Clase Premier. One-way flights require half as many miles as roundtrip.

For comparison, award prices are similar to Delta SkyMiles but cheaper on many routes. Flights from Mexico to Tokyo with SkyMiles requires 80,000 miles in coach (compared to 60,000 miles with Aeromexico) and 120,000 miles in business (compared to 90,000 miles with Aeromexico) and Europe is also more expensive for Delta SkyMiles members at 60,000 miles in coach and 100,000 miles in business. The taxes and fees on Aeromexico award tickets, however, include a fuel surcharge and can be high compared to U.S. carriers. When we called and asked for a price quote, we were told a roundtrip award ticket from Mexico City to New York would be 30,000 miles with taxes and fees totalling $175.71. For a Delta flight on the same route, SkyMiles members could redeem 35,000 miles and $67.70 in taxes and fees. The change fees for Club Premier, however, are much lower. Changes to the date or flight can be made for a $26 fee. SkyMiles change fees are higher at $150. Roundtrip mileage starts at 15,000 miles for an upgrade on a flight within the U.S and Mexico and there is no cash co-pay.

Aeromexico publishes award charts on its own metal, for partner flights on Copa Airlines and LAN and for flights on SkyTeam member airlines. There is also a SkyTeam "Around the World" Pass available for 140,000 miles in coach or 220,000 miles in business class. The SkyTeam pass includes six stops and travel must be entirely in one direction, either east or westbound, on any SkyTeam carrier.

A Salon Premier one-day lounge pass can be redeemed for 2,500 miles. For 25,000 miles, you can join Salon Premier or renew your annual membership.

Members cannot combine cash and miles for awards, but you can redeem miles for a one-way ticket and pay for the return trip or buy the miles you need to reach an award level. Car rental, hotel, merchandise and other types of awards are not offered. Members cannot donate miles to charity.



Club Premier partners with SkyTeam airlines (Aeroflot, Air Europa, Air France, Alitalia, China Airlines, China Eastern, China Southern, Czech Airlines, Delta Air Lines, Kenya Airways, KLM, Korean Air, TAROM and Vietnam Airlines) plus Copa Airlines and LAN.

The Aeromexico Visa card comes with a sign-up bonus of 15,000 bonus miles. Benefits of the card include one 10 percent discount on Aeromexico airfare per year, complimentary day pass to the Salon Premier airport lounge, complimentary companion ticket after first use plus a $99 companion ticket every year. Cardholders earn one mile per dollar spent and double miles on Aeromexico tickets. The Visa card has a $45 annual fee, waived the first year.

The Aeromexico Visa Signature card has a 20,000-mile sign-up bonus, a complimentary companion ticket and $99 companion ticket each year, 4,000 annual bonus miles, one 15 percent discount on Aeromexico airfare purchases per year and the ability to earn Club Premier Elite Status Qualification miles. The Visa Signature card has a $80 annual fee, waived the first year.

Aeromexico also offers a mileage-earning secured credit card for members who have poor credit or need to establish a credit history. The secured card comes with 10,000 bonus miles with first use, a complimentary companion ticket and a 10 percent discount on airfare. You will need to open a savings account with $300 to $5,000 and your credit line will be equivalent to the amount of money you deposit. Cardholders earn one mile per dollar spent and after a year of using the secured card, members can apply for the Aeromexico Visa card.

Members earn 625 miles per rental with Hertz and Budget Mexico and 500 miles with Budget at international locations. Hertz offers 50 miles per day when traveling abroad and members earn one mile per dollar spent with Avis. Purchase a used car with Carflex (Avis) or Hertz Avasa and earn 63 miles per $1,000 pesos spent.

Club Premier partners with 21 independent hotel chains and two independent Club Premier Hotel affiliates worldwide, including Barcelo, Best Western, InterContinental Hotels Group, Marriott, Wyndham and more. Members can earn up to 626 miles per stay depending on the hotel brand.

Members of a number of other loyalty programs can transfer their currency into Club Premier miles. Club Premier miles can be accrued by transferring points from Priority Club Rewards, Membership Rewards, Marriott Rewards, Hilton HHonors, Club Carlson, Fiesta Rewards, Wyndham Rewards and a few other smaller programs.



Club Premier has two elite tiers: Gold and Platinum. To reach Gold, members need to earn 31,250 Premier miles or 50 segments, which can be earned from flying on Aeromexico and SkyTeam airlines. Gold benefits include a 25 percent elite bonus, priority boarding and waitlist, access to exclusive Gold promotions and SkyTeam Elite status, which includes priority check-in, boarding, waitlisting and baggage handling at the airport. Gold members also receive space available complimentary upgrades (excluding flights to or from Europe, Asia and South America) to Clase Premier for the member and a companion on Y, B or M fares at check-in.

Members who earn 50,000 miles or 80 segments are upgraded to Platinum status, which comes with all of the Gold benefits, plus a 50 percent elite bonus, guaranteed reservations on Aeromexico and SkyTeam carriers when purchasing a full-fare Y ticket, exclusive check-in counter access and SkyTeam Elite Plus status, which includes complimentary access to SkyTeam lounges. Platinum members also receive fee waivers when making changes to award tickets and can request complimentary upgrades from any fare up to 72 hours prior to departure.

Members who qualify for elite status will receive status benefits on the 15th of the month after qualifying and status will be valid for 12 consecutive months.



Miles never expire as long as you fly at least once on an Aeromexico flight every 24 months. Missing miles can be claimed up to six months from the flight date.

You can buy miles in increments of 625 miles for $15 per 625 miles, plus tax. Club Premier has a family plan where family members can pool their miles. The head of the Family Club Premier family account will earn 100 percent of miles flown and flights flown by family members enrolled in the program will earn 20 percent of miles flown. The program offers the Corporate Club Premier for businesses where employees traveling on business earn individual benefits and also accrue corporate points for each mile they travel.

Club Premier also offers programs tailored to specific age groups. Members between the ages of 18 and 23 can earn miles with the University Club Premier, teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 can join the Skape program and children between the ages of 2 and 12 can join the Comet Club.



The Club Premier Service Center in Mexico City is open every day of the year from 8am to 10pm. We called the U.S. service center a couple of times with questions and one agent was not able to confirm whether award tickets required a fuel surcharge while another agent was very clear that a fuel surcharge was required and was able to help us find the partner award charts, which are only located in the downloadable member guide. As with any service center, customer service agents' skills, knowledge about the program and understanding of English vary. With Club Premier, you may need to call back, but at least the time spent waiting on the phone to speak with someone is short. You can also send your queries via email or through a website form.



Club Premier sends out an e-Bulletin to members with the latest promotions. Members can check their account balances online and can redeem miles for Aeromexico flights only online at clubpremier.com, which is a new website that is available in Spanish and English. Until recently, members needed to call the service center to book awards. For flights on partner airlines, you still need to call the service center. For flights on partner airlines, you need to call the service center. You cannot request missing miles online and must fax a copy of your ticket to the Club Premier customer service center to request mileage credit.

Aeromexico is a member of the SkyTeam and Club Premier members have access to over 900 destinations worldwide through the alliance. Family members can earn miles into one account with the Family Account. The program offers a minimum of 625 miles on short flights and bonus miles for online booking. Frequent flyers with a poor or nonexistent credit history can earn miles through a secured credit card. The award chart is more generous and fewer miles are required for award flights on some routes compared to other frequent flyer programs.

Members must fly at least once every two years on Aeromexico to keep their miles from expiring. The taxes and fees on award tickets are high. Before you transfer points or miles into the program to redeem for an award, check and see how much the award flight will cost. Members can redeem for flights and upgrades but no other award options exist outside of lounge passes and memberships.

Club Premier Service Center
13405 Northwest Freeway, Suite 111
Houston, TX 77040
01 (800) 021-4000 (within Mexico)
(800) 237-6639 (U.S.)

  Earning Ability Award Choices Partnerships Elite-Level Rules & Conditions Service Support Online Services Overall Rating
7.00 6.50 7.50 7.50 6.50 7.00 6.00 6.86
5.46 4.89 5.12 5.14 5 4.87 4.73 5.03

(56 ratings)


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