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Ratings & Reviews

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Jet Airways JetPrivilege

(37 ratings)


This program was reviewed and rated by our editors in April 2008. Changes in the program past this date are possible, especially program partner information. We recommend you subscribe to the #1 source of frequent flyer information, Inside Flyer Magazine, to get the most current information possible.

Mumbai-based Jet Airways began commercial airline operations in May 1993 and has grown to become the largest domestic carrier in India, serving 43 domestic destinations and 15 international locations, including London, New York and Hong Kong. The airline has a main hub at Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai and maintains an international hub in Brussels Airport, Belgium. The airline is expanding and serving more international destinations as demand for air travel in India increases. New destinations include service to San Francisco, Vancouver and Los Angeles.

The JetPrivilege program launched in 1994 and membership has grown to include 1.3 million members. The program won seven Freddie Awards this year, including the coveted Program of the Year Award for two years running for the Japan, Pacific, Asia, Australia region. Members clearly appreciate the quality of the program and service they receive. Members report that they truly enjoy flying on Jet Airways and the benefits of membership in JetPrivilege, a testament to the company slogan, "The Joy of Flying."



Members earn miles based on the booking class flown. Flying in coach will earn members from 20 to 125 percent of actual miles flown. Members flying in Premiere (business) class will earn from 125 to 150 percent of miles flown and traveling in first class will earn 200 to 225 percent flown.

Members flying on partner airlines will earn between 20 and 100 percent of miles flown, and four booking classes are non-mileage earning.

Last year, JetPrivilege offered a generous triple bonus mile promotion on all Jet Airways domestic and international flights, which ran for the first half of the year and won the program a Freddie Award for Best Bonus.

To encourage members to make reservations on the Web site, JetPrivilege members can earn 500 bonus miles on eligible classes for booking online. Members can also earn miles for car rentals, hotel stays, magazine subscriptions, credit card spending and cell phone service.



JetPrivilege has consistently ranked highly in the Freddie Awards for Best Award and this year, the program won with an award sale on routes between India and North America. Platinum and Gold members could get an award ticket at a 50 percent discount and Silver, Blue Plus or Blue members could get an award ticket at a 25 percent discount.

Because of JetPrivilege's airline partnerships, members can redeem awards to over 600 destinations worldwide.The number of miles required for a flight award depends on the distance of the flight and both one-way and roundtrip awards are available. An award flight between Mumbai and Delhi (709 miles) requires 10,635 miles one way, which is 15 times the distance. So a member would need to fly the route 30 times for a roundtrip award flight.

Redemptions on Jet Airways for children between the ages of two and 12 require only 50 percent of the normal mileage requirement. Partner airline redemptions for children are not discounted.

Upgrade awards are only available on domestic flights within India and members cannot redeem an upgrade award on international flights.

Members can buy miles, but a miles and money option is not available. Miles can only be redeemed for flights. Car rentals, hotel and other awards are not offered.



Jet Airways continues to add new partners to its growing program and the latest airlines to be added are Air Canada, American Airlines and Virgin Atlantic. Existing airline partners include Air France, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Gulf Air, JetLite, KLM, Lufthansa, Northwest Airlines, Qantas, South African Airways and SWISS. The actual mileage earning varies according to the specific airline, routing and fare class, and you can use Jet Airways' online mileage calculator to see how many miles you can earn on a specific partner flight.

Jet Airways partners with 14 hotels, including Oberoi, Radisson, Hyatt, Hilton and the newest partners to join the program, Mandarin Oriental and InterContinental Hotels Group. Actual mileage earning varies by hotel but in general, members earn the standard 250 to 500 miles per stay.

Citibank offers a co-branded Jet Airways credit card and Indian residents can choose from the Citibank Gold, Platinum and CitiBusiness credit cards. Members earn two miles for every Rs. 100 spent on the Gold and CitiBusiness card and one upgrade voucher for every 10,000 miles earned with the card; Platinum cardholders will earn double miles and one upgrade voucher for every 8,000 miles earned. Other card benefits include activation and renewal bonuses and extra baggage allowance.

Jet Airways partners with a number of other banks, including Barclaycard, Deutsche Bank and HSBC that allow cardmembers to convert credit card points into JetPrivilege points.

Members who subscribe to Matrix Cellular Services receive special benefits and earn eight miles on every Rs. 100 spent on your cell phone bill.

New retail partner Ferns n Petals offers discounts on qualifying purchases and 20 miles per Rs. 100 spent. Members who subscribe to magazines can earn miles for subscriptions to Time (300 to 1,000 miles), Fortune (between 300 miles for a one-year subscription and 1,000 miles for a three-year subscription) and The Economist (3,000 to 7,500 miles).

Members who subscribe to Golf Fee Card International will receive special discounted rates and 1,000 bonus miles.

Car rental partners include Avis and Hertz and JetPrivilege members earn 100 miles for every Rs.1,000 spent at locations in India and between 125 and 300 miles per eligible rental in international locations.



Jet Airways created an innovative dynamic tier review system that gives members more ways to earn elite status. Only base miles and class of service bonus miles earned on Jet Airways qualify for status miles and members can earn status through earning miles or flight segments. Elite tier bonus miles are not elite qualifying. The five tiers are: Blue (base level), Blue Plus, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Status is based on a rolling 12-month time period instead of the standard January to December calendar year, which means that members can earn elite status at any time. The program also allows members a "fast track" to elite based on a six-month timeframe, similar to many airlines' unofficial policy of offering members an elite challenge. The requirements for retaining elite status are different than those for earning status. To make it easy, the number of miles or segments required to reach the next elite level or retain status is listed on your member account page. But we'll lay it out for you here.

Basically, members need to fly 20 segments or 30,000 miles in 12 months to reach Silver status and for each higher-level tier, an additional 20 segments or 30,000 miles is required. Members on the fast track can earn Blue Plus status after 10 segments or 15,000 miles in six months; Gold status with 20 segments or 30,000 miles and Platinum status with 30 segments or 45,000 miles.

To retain status, JetPrivilege will look at the number of miles and segments earned over the previous 12 months, 18 months and 24 months and the tier requirements are reduced for the longer time frames. For example, to retain Silver status, a member needs to earn 20 segments or 30,000 miles in the previous 12 months, 28 segments or 42,000 miles in the previous 18 months or 36 segments or 54,000 miles in the previous 24 months.

Silver elite members receive a 10 percent tier bonus on Jet Airways flights and one complimentary upgrade voucher. Members also receive lounge access at Bangalore, Kolkata, Chennai, Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai and Hyderabad airports; an additional 10 kg baggage allowance; priority check-in and standby.

In addition to all of the benefits given to Silver members, Gold membership comes with a 20 percent point bonus and three complimentary upgrade vouchers. Gold members are allowed to bring one companion into domestic airport lounges and receive members-only access to international airport lounges. They also receive an additional 15 kg baggage allowance and priority baggage handling. Gold members traveling on short notice are guaranteed a full-fare coach ticket on domestic Jet Airways flights with 24 hours notice.

Platinum members receive the benefits given to lower tier members in addition to a 30 percent tier bonus and five complimentary upgrade vouchers. Domestic lounge access is given to the member and two traveling companions and members can bring an additional 20 kg of luggage.



Award tickets can be given to anyone designated by the member but miles cannot be transferred or combined. Miles are valid for 13 quarters, including the quarter in which they were earned. Miles not used during that time will expire at the end of the 13th quarter and cannot be renewed.

Miles can be purchased for Rs1.25 per mile in increments of 100 miles with a 500-mile minimum. Missing mileage requests can be made within six months of the flight or partner activity and retroactive credit requests can be made within three months of enrollment. Jet Awards are valid for one year from the issue date and cannot be extended; partner awards are only valid on the date printed on the ticket.



JetPrivilege members can call service centers in India or the United Kingdom any day except for Sunday or contact the program online anytime via email. The program has won two Freddie Awards for Best Customer Service so members are satisfied and happy with service support. Members tell us the customer service representatives are very helpful and concerns are addressed quickly.



JetPrivilege sends monthly mileage e-statements and members can update their address and preferences and view their accounts online. Only residents of India may book awards for flights on Jet Airways online; all other awards require members to redeem through the service center, via mail or fax. Miles can be purchased online and claims for missing miles from Jet Airways flights only can be made online.

JetPrivilege's one-of-a-kind tier review sets its elite program apart from the rest, allowing members more opportunities to reach and maintain elite status. The program promotes new routes with award sales that give members valuable discounts when flying to new destinations. Members residing in India can receive upgrade vouchers and lounge access with the co-branded credit card.

Online redemption is limited to Jet Airways flights and only residents of India may redeem for awards through the Web site. Members can only redeem miles for flight awards -- there are no non-airline redemption options and upgrade awards can only be redeemed on domestic routes. JetPrivilege has some great partnerships with international airlines, but does not participate in any of the global alliances.

India 3989 3333

U.K. 0 808 101 1199

U.S. (877) 835-9538

The JetPrivilege Service Centre
Po Box No. 8905
Saki Vihar, Andheri (E)
Mumbai 400072

  Earning Ability Award Choices Partnerships Elite-Level Rules & Conditions Service Support Online Services Overall Rating
8.00 7.00 8.00 9.50 8.00 9.00 7.00 8.07
4 3.35 4.51 4.16 3.24 4 3.81 3.86

(37 ratings)


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