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Press Room :: Inside Flyer Readership Demographics
Inside Flyer is the magazine frequent travelers turn to for time sensitive airline, hotel, car rental and affinity credit card program information. Dedicated solely to frequent travelers and their many free award programs, Inside Flyer provides news and information that can be found nowhere else in the world.

Each month, we let you know who is making big changes in their programs and who will be offering award specials and bonus promotions in the near future ... and that's just the beginning! Whether you need an update on an airline, hotel, car rental, or credit card program -- if it's out there, you'll find it in Inside Flyer magazine.


  • Male: 79%
  • Average age: 42
  • Married: 79%
  • Have completed graduate or professional school: 46%
  • Average earned income: $137,000
  • Average total number of miles/points: 934,366
  • Average number of miles in top frequent flyer programs: 377,265
  • Average number of international trips per year: 5.4
  • Average number of domestic trips per year: 32.1
  • Average hotel nights in the last 12 months: 57.1
  • Average number of cars rented per year: 21
Frequent Traveler Programs
  • Average number of frequent flyer programs memberships: 6.7
  • Average number of hotel guest program memberships: 3.8
  • Average number of airline elite-level program memberships: 2.2
Award Travel
  • Average number of awards claimed in the last 12 months: 5.27
Affinity Credit Cards
  • Have an affinity credit card that earns miles/points: 96%
Telephone Mileage Programs
  • Earn miles/points from a long-distance telephone program: 79%


  • Average number of times readers refer to Inside Flyer per month: 9.3
  • Reader keeps each issue for at least two months: 78%
  • The renewal rate: 86%
  • Subscriber reads all 12 issues: 98%
  • Pass-along: 4.8


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