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Rated: April 2010- The information for Asiana's frequent flyer program can be found by clicking the Asiana Club link at the top of the Asiana Airlines home page. Once on the Asiana Club home page, our first impression was that the main feature was a simple listing, with its double row of small graphics and limited text. And indeed, that's what it is--the same program basics are listed in a row at the top of the page, in a list to the left of the page--and a third time in the main body of the home page.

So, you have three places on one page to choose from the following categories: Enrollment, Asiana Club, Program, Earning Miles, Redemption, Partner Benefits, Download Form and Asiana Club FAQ. Most frequent flyer programs use the home page to entice members to become interested in different aspects of the program such as applying for the co-branded credit card or special offers. Not so with Asiana Club. The only difference between the three listings of the same links is that the listing in the middle also lists sub-departments.

For example, under Program, you can read that this section "Explains each level of Asiana Club and its benefits offering." And the following links are presented: Policy and Benefits, Silver, Gold, Diamond, Platinum, Special Program. If you're curious, as we were, what "Special Program" is, the link led to information about Platinum status. The Platinum link incorrectly accessed information about Diamond Plus, but the site was back on track for the Diamond, Silver and Gold links.

The site does give Asiana Club members the information they need regarding earning and redeeming miles, partnerships and more including enrolling online. And if you can't find the information you need on the Web site, you can download a member's guidebook in Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English through the Download Form link. Also on the Download Form page is an award ticket request form and upgrade request form; however, you can also book award flights online but the process looks far from easy.

The Newsletter link not only gives members access to e-newsletters dating back to October 2006, but you can also download Asiana screensavers that reflect the seasons (the image for spring is a field of yellow tulips) and you can read cartoons featuring "Jack" and "Jill" explaining why it's good that Asiana is part of the Star Alliance.

The Asiana Club FAQ page lists questions and answers under several categories including Membership Information, Mileage, Bonus Tickets, Partner Vendors and Star Alliance. And interestingly enough, lists the "hits" the various questions have had. For example, under Membership Information, "How do I join Asiana Club?" has been the most popular question with 4,094 hits. The least popular subject overall, under Bonus Tickets is, "I'd like to have my bonus ticket refunded in mileage" with only 239 hits.

Yes, the Web site has its problems, but we suspect that part of the difficulty could be that we were accessing the U.S. version of the Web site in English. No doubt, the Korean Web site offers a better experience for members. Overall, the site is quick loading and easy to navigate and if not highly functional, it is certainly entertaining.



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