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Ratings & Reviews

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TAM Fidelidade

(13 ratings)


This program was reviewed and rated by our editors in November 2012. Changes in the program past this date are possible, especially program partner information. We recommend you subscribe to the #1 source of frequent flyer information, Inside Flyer Magazine, to get the most current information possible.

Big in Brazil

When TAM and LAN Airlines merged in June 2012, the combined LATAM Airlines Group became one of the largest airline groups in the world. One of the requirements of the merger was that the airlines could not participate in the same alliance as Avianca/Copa, which is now a member of Star Alliance. While the group hasn't made an official announcement about its choice, since they have until April 2014 to do so, LAN remains as a oneworld member and TAM is currently a Star Alliance member airline.

Based in Sao Paulo, TAM serves a total of 61 destinations in Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Venezuela, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy and Germany.



Members earn a fixed number of points per flight, based on 11 geographical regions and not actual distance flown. Members earn 1,000 points one way on TAM economy class flights within South America, 5,000 points from South America to North America and 6,000 points from South America to Europe.

Members flying in business class earn an additional 50 percent up to 100 percent, according to the fare class, and first class flyers earn an extra 250 percent.

The actual points earned on flights within Brazil vary depending on fare class and you may earn fewer points than the standard accrual rates when flying on discount fares. Within Brazil, for example, if you choose the Basico fare, you will only earn 50 percent whereas Top fares earn 150 percent.

Points earned on partner flights vary according to the partner and fare class.

Credit cards, hotel stays, car rentals and shopping are additional ways members can supplement their point earning, including a large network of Multiplus partners.



TAM one-way award flights within Brazil are 10,000 points in economy for both high and low season. Award travel from South America to North America in economy starts at 20,000 points during the low season and 30,000 points in high season. Business and first class flights on the same route are 40,000 points and 50,000 points during the low season and 50,000 points and 60,000 points during the high season. A minimum of 30,000 points is required to get to Europe in economy during the low season and you'll need an additional 10,000 points to be able to fly to Europe during the high season at 40,000 points one way in economy.

The low season for all destinations is March 15 through May 31 and Aug. 16 through Nov. 30. All other dates are high season. TAM also offers last-seat availability on TAM flights for additional points, which is more than double the number of points required for capacity-controlled seats.

When calculating the number of points needed for an award flight, TAM Fidelidade also takes into consideration the number of regions flown through, regardless of the number of connections within one region. If you fly from Miami to Buenos Aires with a connection in Sao Paulo, you will have to pay the points corresponding to North America to South America, for a total of 20,000 points in Economy class during the low season.

However, if the redemption involves three different regions, for example, from Sao Paulo to Tokyo with a connection in Frankfurt, TAM takes into account the number of regions flown through. For this itinerary, you will need 70,000 points total for a one way ticket; 30,000 points to fly from South America to Europe and 40,000 points to fly from Europe to East Asia, both in economy and low season.

Upgrade award requests can be made a minimum of seven days in advance. For TAM operated flights within South America, 7,500 points one way (15,000 points roundtrip) are required for a one-class upgrade from economy (Y, B, U and E) to business class. The point requirements for a one-class upgrade on TAM flights from South America to North America or Europe are 20,000 points one way (40,000 points roundtrip). Upgrades for flights on Star Alliance airlines can be requested for 7,500 points on flights within the same region and 20,000 points on flights between regions.

Members can also redeem points for awards with the Multiplus network of partner companies. Multiplus offers over 50,000 award options, including hotel stays, purchases at gas stations, experiential awards, donations and products and services, among other options. The Multiplus website is available in Portuguese, English and Spanish and consists mostly of partners in Brazil. Members can transfer points to Accor starting at 2,000 Multiplus points for 1,000 Accor points or to Hilton starting at 5,000 Multiplus points for 10,000 Hilton HHonors points.



TAM is currently a member of the Star Alliance, whereas LAN is a oneworld member, and the group has to choose one alliance by April 2014. LAN and TAM have a reciprocal FFP relationship and can earn and redeem their Kms or points on LAN or TAM flights.

Multiplus is a publicly-traded coalition network created through the TAM Fidelidade program. Multiplus is a separate company with a variety of partners with which members can earn and redeem points. Through Multiplus, members can earn points from a variety of participating loyalty programs in a single account and redeem points for partner awards. TAM Fidelidade members can redeem their points for awards with Multiplus at a 1:1 ratio.

Diners Club is a partner in the network and members can exchange 1,000 Diners Club points for 1,000 Multiplus points. Brazilian members can also earn points for making purchases and paying bills with the TAM Itaucard credit card.



The elite program has three elite tiers: Blue, Red and Black. To reach Blue Card status, members are required to earn 12,000 points by flying on TAM or Star Alliance airlines within 12 months. Blue members receive a 25 percent tier bonus, an extra 10kg baggage allowance, priority standby and waitlist and Star Alliance Silver status.

Red Card members who earn 48,000 points by flying TAM or Star Alliance airlines in the previous 12 months receive 50 percent bonus points, extra 20kg baggage allowance, dedicated check-in counter, express check-in and boarding, access to TAM's VIP lounges and Star Alliance lounges for member and one companion, priority baggage handling and Star Alliance Gold status.

Earn 150,000 points when flying TAM Airlines only within a year and you will receive Black Card status. Black Card members receive access to an exclusive phone number, preferential check-in with option to select any seat, regardless of fares, as well as all of the benefits of Red Card status. Points earned from flight activity on partner airlines are not including in the 150,000 points required for Black Card status qualification.

Lifetime elite status is not offered by the program.



Points are valid for two years and cannot be transferred, sold, purchased or combined. Membership in TAM Fidelidade is open to individuals over the age of two. There are no blackout dates on award tickets. Award tickets and upgrades with points are transferable to anyone and award tickets can be changed or cancelled for 10 percent of the points that were required for the original ticket.

When redeeming points within a week of the travel date for domestic flights within Brazil, members will be charged extra points: 15,000 per segment in economy class and 23,000 points per segment in business class.

Award tickets for flights within South America can be redeemed beginning three months prior to the flight date. For international travel, tickets can be redeemed beginning six months before the flight date.



The website lists phone numbers for Brazil and 21 other countries, including the United States (1 888 2FLYTAM). Both times we called the Brazil call center we were connected immediately with an English-speaking representative who was able to answer our questions, although with some difficulty since neither were native English speakers.

There is no email address for the TAM Fidelidade program. Members will need to call the service center if they have questions.



Members can join the program and manage their account online and flight award requests can be made online for TAM flights. The award calendar will display award flights for a month at a time. When booking an award ticket through the call center, a R$40 fee may apply. Missing points requests for flights may be made online, including partner points. Redeeming points for Multiplus partner awards can be made via the Multiplus network website.

As a Star Alliance member (for now) and a participant in the Multiplus Fidelidade network, members can earn and redeem points with a wide number of airlines and partner companies.

Flight awards are based on low and high travel periods and members booking a flight during the low season can take advantage of discounted awards. The ability to pay for award ticket changes with 10 percent of the mileage redeemed for the award instead of having to pay a cash fee offers flexibility that members appreciate. Routing rules on awards are flexible and there is no maximum permitted mileage restrictions.

Points have a shelf life and expire if they are not used within two years, which may make it difficult for some members to earn enough points for an award--and points cannot be purchased. Some discount fares earn fewer points, as low as 20 percent of the points normally earned with regular economy class fares. Members can only book award flights on international TAM flights within six months of the departure and for flights within Brazil, members have to wait until three months prior to departure. When going from one region to another and connecting in a third region, members will be charged additional miles.

TAM- Programa Fidelidade

Av.Jurandir,856, Lote 4-20 andar

Sao Paulo - SP CEP: 04072-000 Brazil

  Earning Ability Award Choices Partnerships Elite-Level Rules & Conditions Service Support Online Services Overall Rating
7.50 8.00 8.00 7.00 6.00 6.50 7.00 7.14
4.46 3.76 4.07 3.92 3.38 2.38 2.69 3.52

(13 ratings)


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