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Mileage Converter
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How can I find all available conversion options out of a given program, as opposed to conversion options between two specific programs?
Say, for example, you have 500,000 America West FlightFund miles and you want to find all the programs you could move those miles into. To do this, simply select America West FlightFund in the "Convert From" box, enter the mileage amount in the "Mileage/Point Amount" field (optional), do not select a program in the "Convert To" box and click "continue." On the next page, a list of programs to which America West conversions are possible will be displayed. Select any of the programs from this list and click "continue" to view the possible conversion paths.

How can I find all available conversion paths into a given program?
This is what the "Find Top Up Options" calculation method, which resides just below the "Calculate a Transfer" method, was developed to do. Simply follow the steps to Find Top Up Options to get a list of programs that allow mileage/point transfers into a selected program.

How can I find all possible conversions paths between two programs, regardless of beginning mileage balance?
Just select a program from the "Convert From" box and another program from the "Convert To" box. Leave the "Mileage/Point Amount" field blank and click "continue." This will result in a display of all possible conversion paths between the two selected programs. Keep in mind though, many of these paths are only available when a certain threshold of miles/points are being converted, so be sure to double check conversion possibilities with actual mileage/point amounts before beginning any transfer process.

I found a conversion path I want to take advantage of, but how do I actually transfer the miles/points?
The first step to any conversion process is to contact the program from which you want to transfer miles/points. For example, if you wanted to transfer points from the Hilton HHonors program into an American AAdvantage account, you should call Hilton HHonors to initiate the transfer process. If, once the points have been transferred into AAdvantage miles, you then want to convert them into Priority Club Rewards points, you would contact the American AAdvantage program. If you are following a multi-step conversion path (e.g., Hilton HHonors -> American AAdvantage -> InterContinental Priority Club Rewards), you should treat each step as a unique conversion. In other words, when you contact the first program in the path (from which you are transferring out of), you need only inform them of the first step of the conversion path. Following the conversion path mentioned above, for example, you would start by contacting Hilton HHonors and informing them you would like to transfer points into your American AAdvantage account. Then, once that step is completed, you would contact American AAdvantage and inform them you would like miles transferred into your InterContinental Priority Club Rewards account. If you were to inform Hilton HHonors you wanted to transfer points into InterContinental Priority Club Rewards, you would most likely be told this is not possible.

The program I want to transfer into/out of is not listed?
Not every program allows mileage/point transfers, and some allow transfers of miles/points into their programs, but miles/points cannot be transferred out. If you cannot find a program listed, that means the program is not an available as a conversion option. If a program is not listed, yet you are sure the transfer in question is an available option, please send us an email informing us of such. While we try to keep the conversion data as up to date as possible, omissions may exist.

Why don't you display conversion paths of more than five steps?
While we would prefer to display all of the possible conversion paths, we have elected not to primarily to improve the speed of the Mileage Converter tool. Every subsequent step allowed increases the number of possible conversion paths exponentially, thus exponentially increasing processing time.

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