Randy Petersen, Publisher of InsideFlyer Magazine and, Invites The Traveling Public to "Come Fly With Me" On His Unprecedented Mileage Run

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (OCTOBER 18, 2001) Known as the world's most renowned and influential frequent traveler, Randy Petersen has spent the better part of his life in the air. But he's never taken a trip like the one on which he's about to embark.

On Friday, Oct. 19, Petersen, publisher of InsideFlyer magazine and, will begin a two-week "airathon" that will take him to 44 cities, 38 states and three countries, covering a total of 52,495 miles - all to show the traveling public that airline travel is safe and that the travel industry is financially secure.

"This is the mileage run to end all mileage runs," said Petersen. "It's important to me, as a frequent traveler and as an American, to demonstrate my confidence in the airlines - that's why I'm taking this trip. Plus, I just love the fact that US Airways is offering double miles on all flights right now and the extra stays at hotels with Priority Club Worldwide will help me requalify for Platinum status."

The itinerary for the "Come Fly With Me" mileage run includes 70 total flights, with the shortest leg being 56 miles and the longest equaling 3,550 miles. Petersen will spend over 180 hours in airplanes on this trip and will only stop to sleep in a hotel nine of the 14 nights - sleeping in flight the rest of the time.

The flights and hotel rooms are being provided by US Airways and Six Continents Hotels who, along with, are the official sponsors of the "Come Fly With Me" mileage run.

"Randy Petersen is one of the most respected observers of air travel in the US today and we are delighted that he has chosen US Airways for this exciting journey to get America traveling again," said Stephen M. Usery, vice president of marketing for US Airways.

As the world's leading authority on frequent flyer programs, Petersen wasn't at all surprised to learn that all of his flights were reserved using designated award seats. "Frequent travel programs are growing more popular every day, and the airlines and hotels are responding by designating a larger percentage of seats and rooms for award redemption," said Petersen. "I personally have earned over 10 million miles, and I view them as one of my most secure assets. I look forward to redeeming my miles for free travel for many years to come." Despite maintaining elite status in most frequent flyer programs, Petersen will spend 95% of his trip in the coach cabin.

"Getting back to business is vital for both the economy as well as the mentality of the American public," says Steve Sickel, vice president of relationship marketing for Priority Club Worldwide, the loyalty program for Six Continents Hotels. "Randy is not only building consumer confidence by enduring a hectic travel schedule, but he is also sharing real insights from those that travel for business."

Petersen is inviting other travelers to join him on his trip, or follow along virtually at The Web site will feature daily itinerary and travel updates, as well as a Web diary in which Petersen will share the details of his trip as he's experiencing them.

Petersen will be available for interviews during his trip. To schedule an interview, members of the media should contact:

Karen Hazinski
Marketing Director
Frequent Flyer Services
(719) 572-2717